PT.AGRO RESTU is a company that providing the market demand for Palm, Coconut, Charcoal, and Soap Industries.

We are constantly improving production in our factory, and manage every aspect of our business from the Head Office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

PT.AGRO RESTU is supported by professional human resources, High-technology Machine and also good quality of nature.



Indonesia as the world’s largest producer of palm oil is able to present solutions for your business. As a product that has a very broad potential in the world of food, automotive and other palm oil is able to present competitive prices.


Coconut plantations in Indonesia are vast and have tremendous potential for life. Superior products from coconuts can make your business have a variety in production.


Charcoal is the first fuel found since time immemorial. Initially charcoal was used for cooking needs and began to develop for the automotive, pharmaceutical and plantation industries. The demand for charcoal for the global market is very high, especially coconut based charcoal.


The benefits of using soap in everyday life are vast. Starting from soap for bathing then can also be used as a detergent. Soap is a basic human need in carrying out daily routines.

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