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Company Profile PT.AGRO RESTU provide the market demand on Palm & Coconut Industries, Hardwood Flooring, Parquette Furniture,

Charcoal, and Essential Oil. PT.AGRO RESTU are establish since 2005. We have some factories in over Indonesia,

PT.AGRO RESTU is supported by professional human resources, high - technology machine.

We have made products from palm and coconut plant. Our products already consumed in lots of country.

     We produce hardwood flooring from kind of wood that we already choose to produce the best quality.
     To fulfill the market for furniture and parquette, we have modern tools & profesional human resources for produce 
     good quality of product. We're also have charcoal store with latest technology, the charcoal will having maximum function.

     Our Essential Oil product already been consumed in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philipine
To produce high quality of Palm & Coconut oil, we use high quality of machinery that make production line is more
efficient, produce more yield, and environmentally friendly. We make every bit of effort to ensure our progress in becoming the most reliable solution for our product demands. That way, we can give our customer the added value that makes a deal with us an excellent one.

Palm Plantation